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Wonder Twins #2 (Of 6) (STL111891)

Wonder Twins #2 (Of 6) (STL111891)

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  • Description
    After being exiled from their homeworld, alien, shape-shifting brother/sister duo Jayna and Zan take on the traditional Earth custom of a high school field tripto a local LexCorp prison? If they're being honest, their after-school assignment from the Justice League is what they're really looking forward to: taking on vampiric menace Drunkula, a villain from the League of Annoyance! And what's this guy the Scrambler up to, anyway? Plus: Gleek debuts!
  • Details
    Artist: Byrne, Stephen
    Brand Code: DU
    Cover Artist: Byrne, Stephen
    DIAMD NO: JAN190642
    Genre: Super-hero
    Issue: 2
    Page Count: 57
    Publisher: Dc Comics
    STOCK NO: STL111891
    Series Code: 141494
    Ship Date: 3/13/2019
    Writer: Russell, Mark